Hi everyone!

I encourage you to watch the video above, so that you know who you're buying from and feel comfortable with your purchasing decision. But I've also outlined everything (including more that's not in the video) below so that you're fully informed.

My name is Tiffany Dow and you're about to discover one of the most honest ways to make money on the Internet. It's also the fastest method I've found, helping you take the edge off of your financial panic.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

I'm known as one of the top online ghostwriters who maxed out her earnings - adding additional business models so that I now earn over $100,000 a year. 

I could easily post proof on how I pulled in 15k in one day working from home on the Internet as a ghostwriter, but you know what? That's soooo cheesy in this type of situation - no one believes it anyway because income screenshots can be PhotoShopped. 

Instead, I invite you to open up another tab in your browser and do some research about me. You'll discover that I've gained a reputation for two things:

1. Creating solid, step-by-step affordable products with no details left out. I don't believe in price gouging and I don't believe in "skipping steps" so that I can sell those to you in round two. Everything is soup to nuts with me from the beginning. 

2. Telling it like it is. I don't gloss over the ugly parts. Some things in online businesses aren't pretty - in fact they can be fairly scummy - and I'm blatantly honest about it so that you can avoid those people and products. 

My blog is living proof of how I operate - and you can see that I have a lots of people who have participated there for years because it's a place they feel safe. 

I show you this because knowing who you're buying from is THE most important factor for me (and it should be for you, too).

I got my start ghostwriting with zero guidance. I had a sick baby at home, quit my job, and was forced to make ends meet. I clawed my way to the top, but there are many mistakes and situations you don't need to suffer through in order to succeed. 

What Ghostwriting Cash Will (and Won't) Teach You

So first, I've established that I have top expertise in this field - ghostwriting on the Internet. What you need to know now is what this course is all about.

First of all, this is NOT a "how to write" course. If you can write at an 8th grade level - VERY conversational (like an email to a friend) - then you're okay to ghostwrite. My clients initially told me I was too stuffy - they said it sounded like I was writing for a college professor (that's all I knew). 

I loosened up and my income soared once I did. People need friendly, conversational content when they come buying from you - not an encyclopedia. 

What this course DOES teach you is how to get clients, what you'll be writing (eBooks, articles, emails, blog posts, and more), how to avoid bully buyers who try to whittle down your earnings or rip you off, and how to increase your income over time.

Ghostwriting Versus Other Make Money Online Opportunities

You now know what it's all about - but why should you choose ghostwriting over another "make money online" opportunity?

I'm very familiar with all of the products that promise overnight riches and a "business in a box" (aka: turnkey business), where you apparently pay money, download a file and the money fairy leaves a boatload of cash in your bank account the next morning.

Those are all lies. But it IS possible to build various streams of income - in addition to your ghostwriting. I myself do ghostwriting as a side job now - because I've built up a lot of residual income, where I do the work once and get paid over and over again.

The people who have bill collectors banging down their doors and try to go the route of affiliate money or some other pipe dream end up even more financially stressed, depressed and angry.

I've done extremely well providing content for marketers, and I've had some big pay days. One special I ran earned me $15,000 in a day when I sold fifteen $1,000 packs of content orders. 

Later, one of the top marketers in the world paid me $24,000 in one day in a pre-order for some ghostwriting! I thought I was going to die from the excitement of making that much money. 

Can you imagine someone pre-ordering 24k worth of content? When I saw someone forking over that kind of cash like it was nothing, I didn't just take it and move on - I made a note to self: "I want to do what HE'S doing!" 

Can you imagine having that much money to outsource content? 

Is Ghostwriting for Everybody?

No. Unfortunately, this isn't a good business opportunity for everyone. 

Ghostwriting Cash is NOT for You...

* If you can't write at an 8th grade level.

* If you're a lazy, get rich quick junkie who can't be bothered with working.

* If you hate writing in general. 

* If you're about coming to the table of life with your hand open looking for something for nothing, this is most definitely not for you.

Ghostwriting Cash IS for You...

*If you don't mind writing.

*If you can imagine you would feel good knowing that what you produce creates value for others and puts cold hard cash in your pocket.

*If you can work a couple of hours a day or even per week.

*If you want something that can grow as you grow, putting more money in your pocket.

Let's Go Over What I Put Together Just for You.

We'll start with the report first...

Let's dig into the specifics of what's in the PDF portion. 

You'll be clued into four additional perks (other than money) that come from ghostwriting for marketers who are already successful! These perks are what can help you set up your OWN residual earnings one day soon.

I'll give you the skinny on common mistakes that can KILL your online writing business in an instant - and you'll be happy to avoid them because they're tedious anyway.


You'll be schooled in what types of content marketers are paying money for - so that when they post projects or ask if you can do it, you can reply with a resounding YES!


I'll share with you my Achilles Heel - the ONE area where my competition could have rolled right over me and painted me in a bad light - but they never did! Master this, and you'll have a better reputation than I did.

You'll get guidance on the Big Three elements of your online presence that almost guarantee you'll be hired on a continual basis by the best marketers with deep pockets.


I'll take you by the hand and show you where the jobs are and how to ensure you're the one that gets hired time and time again while other ghostwriters are sitting there wondering, "How'd they DO that? I underbid them!" 

You'll learn dirty little tricks marketers use against you - so you can fight back and force them to pay you anyway. (I heard one marketer in a seminar telling others how he ripped me off - oops - that put an end to THAT!)

I'll admit to you the one reason I was hired on freelance sites over my competitors - and it had absolutely NOTHING to do with the quality of my writing, my experience, OR my ratings.

You'll learn how I ruined my competitor's chances to win almost every time - without resorting to unethical measures.


I'll provide four of my real winning bids for you and analyze each one so you can see what won it for me as I break it down right in front of you!


You'll gain insider knowledge on pricing your work strategically - not just setting a per page rate up, but pricing for winning freelance jobs, pricing for special deals that sell out quickly, and pricing to get paid more than you ever have.


I'll give you a system for managing your projects so that a new customer becomes a repeat customer - and a customer who brings in even more business for you.


You'll find out how to deal with feedback - the good, the indifferent, and the really bad (hey it happens to the best of us).


I'll give you some easy promotional methods you can use to pull in new customers without having to pay for a membership on a freelance site or buy your own domain before you can afford it.


You'll get to copy 5 of my "Ghostwriter to the Guru" specials that helped me rake in the money whenever I needed it! This is a win-win situation for both you and the customer.


I'll give you a blueprint for breaking the glass ceiling once you reach that spot where you are writing as much as you possibly can in a day and earning as much as you can - you don't want to stop there.

You'll learn how you can get going right now ghostwriting for cash. And no website is needed. (But I do teach you how to do that as part of the course in the bonus files).

Have you ever said, "If I knew it was this easy, I would've started a long time ago!?"
This is one of those situations.

Ghostwriting Cash is about building a successful ghostwriting business, not just floundering around hoping someone happens to hire you for some grunt work.

It's like I turn the tables on the marketers and show YOU some secrets about how to make hiring you an irresistible offer.

And I don't mean any disrespect to ghostwriters, but I don't want you to feel forced into being a service provider for the rest of your life - much of what I teach is meant to help you realize that you will only be doing this while you set up other income streams for residual earnings - unlike ghostwriting where you have to do work each time you want to get paid.

You also get bonus #1:

Ghostwriting Site Setup - 5 Short Videos

Now it's perfectly possible to operate this business with no website of your own (and I show you how in the PDF). But as you grow, or maybe even right away, you might want to invest $12/year for a domain and $10/month for hosting and have a website of your own!

I have created a series of videos that show you how to do everything - and you can download them and watch them on your computer or click on the streaming video URL and watch them online. 

You'll be able to pause, rewind, and fast forward anytime you need to. Most of the videos are under 5 minutes, two are under 10 minutes, and one is just over 15 minutes). Here's what I show you in the videos:

Domain Purchase: How to buy a domain name and then point your servers to your hosting company. (True story - my first domain should have cost me about $10, but I didn't know how the buying process worked so it came to about $173)! (4:14)


Blog Installation: How to log into your hosting account and set up a domain in your files and install a blog very easily. This is where you'll be hosting your sales letter to promote your services, your writing samples, your testimonials, and your contact form! (3:45)


Blog Setup: Once the blog is installed, I show you how to do all of the settings so that your blog is easily navigated by customers and so that search engines don't run into any problems. (15:42)


Header Image: I found a way in the video to eliminate the header, but if you want one, I show you how to easily make a little header without any expensive graphic tools. (4:05)


Page Setup: A video that shows you how to get the various pages set up on your blog and how to make it static so that when people land on your site, they see the home page sales copy each and every time. (7:10)


And I threw in a separate list that you'll need for your blog setup called the Ping List that will be available for you to download. 

You also get...

Sales Copy Template

I have lots of people tell me they don't know what to put on their home page of their websites. They find it hard to sell themselves. 

I've written a sales copy template in both Word and TXT format that you can edit to your specific information. 

The biggest problem I was seeing is that ghostwriters said things like "I live in the mountains with my husband and two dogs." Well...that's not going to convert your visitor into a sale.

Clients are very self absorbed. They want to know what's in it for THEM, so the sales copy I wrote ensures that they feel confident outsourcing to you because you'll speak their language and talk about their needs. 


This is one thing you don't find with most marketers selling you a "how to" course. You get personal access to me. If you have a question - email me! I'll respond within 24 hours in most cases.

I believe a lot more people would be successful if the person or people selling products were accessible to their customers, so that's why I do it.

This isn't about selling you something and wishing you a good day. I want you to succeed. I want you to be happy. I know if you do, you'll tell others - and in today's world, it's critical that your clients have a great experience or they'll tell others that you're a liar.

My goal is to not be good, but great - and I want that for you, too.

How Much Does Ghostwriting Cash Cost? 

I know exactly what it was like to be short on cash and in desperate need of good training that wouldn't let me down. I've never been one to price gouge my customers. 

I feel the neediest individuals should have access to affordable training. And when you put it to work for you and start making money, I hope you pass along the link to someone else you meet on your journey to let them get the help they need. 

That makes me sleep good at night. So I won't price this course over $27 - ever. 

You Have TWO Choices To Make TODAY:

1. You can continue bouncing around desperately trying to find a way to make money...

2. OR…you can wake up and let Ghostwriting Cash work for you to enable and empower you to start earning real money online NOW.

Which Choice Will You Make?

Yes Tiffany, Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS to the Entire Ghostwriting Cash System Now!

I Want To Download This Immediately
So I Can Earn While I Learn

I understand I'll be downloading the Ghostwriting Cash  Report and everything that comes with it for a one-time payment of $27 when I act now!

Think about this: If you continue doing what you've been doing, you're going to continue getting what you've been getting. Go ahead and take action today. Take the first step toward the freedom you've always dreamed of with something you can be proud of.

Thanks for your support, I'm looking forward to supporting you back!

Tiffany Lambert (Formerly Dow)

P.S. Remember - you not only gain my personal insight into taking the shortcut to success with your own ghostwriting business online, but you also get a series of step-by-step videos training you on setting up your own ghostwriting site, plus a sales copy template on how to sell your services!

P.P.S. I urge you to act now. The sooner you start this business, the sooner you'll begin making consistent money - and you can feel good about it! Just think - in just a little while, you'll have a valuable content business that you can call your own.


There's a difference between get rich quick scamming others and get rich because you worked hard to earn it - the latter is what we believe in and teach. It's based on serving the needs of your customers, not seeing how much (and how fast) you can take from them. We want you to grow a thriving business because you were able to work for it by providing a good quality ghostwriting service. There is no way to promise certain earnings numbers in this type of business, and by law, we will never claim that any numbers are a guarantee for you. None of what we say is legally binding - we're simply sharing our story and showing you how to emulate it. We encourage you to read the fine print - the terms of service, the disclaimers, and more so that you aren't investing in this program with the wrong assumption that we are guaranteeing you will earn a set dollar amount.
 We appreciate you taking the time to read this message and wish you much success.

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